Potato Fritters (Perkedel Kentang Kornet)

Hello! ❤

I come back with another recipe. It’s very simple and Indonesian people usually eat this as a side dish. Several days ago, I had gathering with my friends. We cook soto ayam and potato fritters (perkedel kentang) and eat together. Soto ayam and perkedel kentang are a perfect pair! 😀 For today, I wanna share recipe for the potato fritters and will share the recipe for soto ayam later, OK! 😀

Ah, as usual, note that I usually used my feeling (approximation) to measure the ingredients. However, I will try my best to Continue reading “Potato Fritters (Perkedel Kentang Kornet)”

Homemade Fried Rice

Homemade Fried Rice
Homemade Fried Rice

Hi! Hi! Hi! 😀

I’m coming back for you with another recipe. Homemade recipe, standard culinary that you might often cook at home. Well, yes, i cooked so much during this summer vacation, and i’ve been learning a lot. I just want to share with you who also an amateur homemade cook just like me (i’m not a professional chef, anyway, thus pardon my skill of cooking). 😀 For now, the dish is Homemade Fried Rice, my version. 🙂 Hope you like it.


2 porsi nasi
2 plates of rice

2 siung bawang putih, cincang
2 cloves of garlic, minced

1 siung bawang merah, cincang
1 clove of shallot, minced

1/4 buah bawang bombay, potong dadu
1/4 of onion, diced Continue reading “Homemade Fried Rice”

Spaghetti Spicy Tuna with Bell Pepper

Spaghetti Spicy Tuna with Bell Pepper
Spaghetti Spicy Tuna with Bell Pepper

as an alternative for you who get bored with spaghetti bolognese, here i present spaghetti with tuna. Still around pasta (an Italian food) and bell pepper, because i’m in love with bell pepper for its smell and taste.. 😀

Let’s start cooking!


250 gr Spaghetti, masak hingga al dente (500 gram juga boleh, sesuai selera :))
250 gr Spaghetti, boil it until al dente (500 gr of spaghetti is ok as well)

1 kaleng tuna siap pakai
1 can of tuna (smoke tuna is preferable)

1 buah paprika, potong dadu
1 piece of bell pepper, diced

1/2 buah bawang bombay besar, potong memanjang
1/2 piece of onion (sweet onion is preferable), sliced

3 buah bawang putih, cincang
3 pieces of garlic, chopped

3 sdm minyak zaitun (atau sesuai selera)
3 tbspn olive oil (adjust with your taste) Continue reading “Spaghetti Spicy Tuna with Bell Pepper”