Mi Amigo: de Cactus

Mi Amigo in Spanish means my friendAmigo with “O” actually refer to masculin (male), otherwise called Amiga, with “A”. Amigos is the plural form, thus it means friends. 🙂 Then why I chose Amigo with “O”? No reason. Maybe just because its more comfortable to pronounce. 😀

However, today I am not going to explain or show you my Spanish. I can not speak Spanish at all anyway. Only standard language like Gracias for thank you, and other words like I stated above. 😛  I want to share a story about my new friend. Cactus! Yes, cactus! 😀  I don’t know since when I started liking this kind of plant. Many people said that if you want to have a plant which is easy to maintain, choose cactus. I don’t have any experience about growing plants. However, suddenly, I want to have a plant, and try to maintain it, and decorate it. The latter is the main reason, while the other is, because I need something fun to do aside from research.  Continue reading “Mi Amigo: de Cactus”