Sweet Yogoat

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This morning I just posted on insta-story (feature on instagram) about my typical and favorite breakfast. I found this healthy and helpful for my weight-loss diet program. I have been doing my weight loss diet program since a month ago. I’ve been trying many tricks and diet programs, I still couldn’t say that my weight-loss program has already been succeed. However, I found this menu is one of the diet menu that can control my weight yet I still have eaten another foods in a day. Note that “another foods” that I mean is still under my control. I still need to be picky about what kind of dishes that I intend to eat, and consider the calories contained in the foods. I’ll share you my diet program later. Let me share about how to make my favorite breakfast, I call it Sweet Yogoat (Sweet Yogurt-Oatmeal)Let’s check it out! 

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