Potato Fritters (Perkedel Kentang Kornet)

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I come back with another recipe. It’s very simple and Indonesian people usually eat this as a side dish. Several days ago, I had gathering with my friends. We cook soto ayam and potato fritters (perkedel kentang) and eat together. Soto ayam and perkedel kentang are a perfect pair! 😀 For today, I wanna share recipe for the potato fritters and will share the recipe for soto ayam later, OK! 😀

Ah, as usual, note that I usually used my feeling (approximation) to measure the ingredients. However, I will try my best to Continue reading “Potato Fritters (Perkedel Kentang Kornet)”

Broccoli o Broccoli

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Lately, I intend to share some simple tips about how to clean broccoli before you cook them. Broccoli is a good diet choice, indeed. It has many advantages, such as high nutrition, and protect our body from cancer and stroke risk. However, any of you might not know yet that broccoli has many hidden worm inside its head. 😀 That’s why, we need to clean them up, carefully. Because it is tricky! Despite of short cooking time, you need to spend extra time to clean the broccoli before you cook. Here comes the tips: Continue reading “Broccoli o Broccoli”

Crispy Banana Fritters

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today’s recipe is contained banana. for all  banana lovers out there, Have you ever taste banana fritters? 😀

aaahh. . I want to share recipe how to make crispy banana fritters. Continue reading “Crispy Banana Fritters”