Sweet and Sour Popcorn Chicken (Ayam Koloke)

First of all, the feature image is not mine, but I took from resepumi.com. I forgot to take a picture of my own sweet and sour chicken (but will be updated soon when I cook it again! ) 😛

doc. resepumi.com

So hello! Wilkommen!
Welcome back to my blog with another recipe to share. 🙂

For now, I want to share the recipe of sweet and sour popcorn chickenIn Indonesia, it usually can be found in chinese food restaurant and so called ayam kolokePersonally, I looooovvee this food 😀 Because it consists of fried popcorn chicken with sweet and sour sauce. How did I make it? Let’s check it out! 😀 Continue reading “Sweet and Sour Popcorn Chicken (Ayam Koloke)”