Saat Doa Terasa Tak Terjawab

Halo.. haloo..  Akhirnya bisa share cerita perenungan baru lagi nih, semoga bisa membawa dan menjadi manfaat untuk teman-teman pembaca, yaa!! 🙂

Alhamdulillah, beberapa hari belakangan ini, dipertemukan dengan momen yang cukup membuat diri mulai kembali berkaca dan introspeksi. Yuk dimulai berbaginya.. 😀

“… verily thy Lord is ample in forgiveness. …”
Q.S. An-Najm (53) : 32

Manusia pada dasarnya adalah makhluk Tuhan yang tidak pernah puas akan sesuatu. Seringkali kita cenderung melihat diri kita kekurangan, sehingga kita jadi lebih banyak mengeluh dan lupa bersyukur atas rezeki dari Allah sekecil apapun. Harapan dan keinginan manusia seolah tidak ada batasnya, tidak pernah ada hentinya. Terkadang tanpa disadari, keluhan yang sering sekali keluar dari mulut kita adalah keluhan atas doa-doa dan harapan-harapan kita yang seolah tidak pernah terjawab atau terkabulkan. Sedangkan kita lupa, bahwa setiap hari pasti ada hal yang bisa dan patut kita syukuri walau sekecil apapun. Continue reading “Saat Doa Terasa Tak Terjawab”

The 2016 Tang Prize Award Ceremony


Today, I’d like to share a short but priceless experience from last Sunday, September 25, 2016.

It was happened suddenly when my friend was asking me to find some Indonesian friends to attend an award ceremony, so called Tang Prize Award Ceremony. Firstly, I didn’t know what kind of award it is. However, I knew it is kind of research award, eventually. I attended the award ceremony without any thought, because this was my first time to attend such a prestigious award ceremony, in a huge auditorium, and wearing such a formal suit. Thus, I have no idea at all. All that I know was that I need to be well-behave. haha 😀

It is such an honor to have an opportunity and be a part of this prestigious award ceremony. Wait! No! Of course, I’m not the awardee, but just an attendee in this event. 😀 Finally, I knew that The Tang Prize is a form of Samuel Yin’s concerns and commitment to education. His father often said that life should not be measured by wealth, but by our contributions to others and providing greater access to knowledge and insights to make the better world. Continue reading “The 2016 Tang Prize Award Ceremony”

Why Industrial Engineering?

In the beginning lecture  “principles of industrial engineering and management” when i was in my first semester, (around second meeting), there are some questions from the professor :

“what do you know about industrial engineering?”

“what is your motivation for studying industrial engineering?”

Believe it or not, those are simple questions but hard for me to answer. Not because, i have not understood what does industrial engineering exactly mean, but because i was too afraid to answer with my personal point of view. Noone was answering the questions. They might have the same feeling like me, hehehehe 😀 I saw the expression of dissapointed from his face, because there’s noone who answered his (simple) questions. Finally, he made his questions as a homework. Ooo..oow,,it was a big mistake not answering those questions. Well, i just want to share my answers briefly  here. 🙂 However, please remind that it was only based on my personal point of view, you might have a different one. 🙂 Continue reading “Why Industrial Engineering?”