We Learn, We Travel

We Can’t Go Back, But We Can Write It

“Travel! See the world! Then, learn! “, I encourage myself.

Alhamdulillah, finally I accomplished 1 mission of PhD life 😂😂 – at Caravelle Hotel, Vietnam

It happened not too long ago. On December 2015, I went to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, South East Asia. It is a neighborhood country of Indonesia. I went to an International Conference representing both Indonesia (my home country) and Taiwan (as an international student). This was one of my previous experience, during my study. Again, I never imagine that I could experience such things.

I was presenting research at APIEMS 2015, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (Dec,2015)

Living as a PhD student, and going abroad as a student then presenting our research in an international conference.

Some people might think that I’m showing off by sharing these moments. However, I don’t mind it. We’re just a human, that can’t control what’s in other’s mind. It’s just natural. The most important thing why I share my experience in this blog is that I want to deliver my grateful, and I want to memorize every single thing happened in my life. Those are priceless, because that’s how we learn from experience. We can’t go back to that moment, but we can recall it through writing. 🙂

Beware! There’s Predator! 

“Paper! Paper! Paper!”, my mind is screaming.

There are many ways to go abroad. Some people are rich. They can travel abroad, wherever they want to. Some others might have to struggle before they can travel abroad. However, the way they are struggle might be different for everyone. In my case, I need to find a chance to go abroad, by making a series of words. What is that? A research paper. That’s how I struggled. LOL

Somehow, one thing that is fun to be a PhD student is being struggle.

Recalling how we struggle in every single moment in our PhD life, somehow pleasing because they are hard to forget. But, still, we won’t come back to that moment. All we need is only keep moving on. Do our very best for the best.

I remember, when for the first time I proposed a research idea to make a paper for international conference. I was chasing for conference in Paris, France. Yes, Europe! As an Asian, it’s impossible that I don’t want to go there even once. 😀 I must be kidding if I said so. 😛  At that moment, my advisor was asking many things. Why do I propose those kind of idea. What the different between the current idea with the previous research idea (my master degree thesis)? He asked me to find something new, something interesting.  I was struggling. While thinking about them, a friend of mine said that we should not submit our paper to that – Paris – conference. She told me that the organizer was fake, predator, untrustworthy. At the same time, I felt disappointed and grateful. I learn one thing. Not every international conference is recommended, we have to be aware. But, anyway, actually my advisor already ask me to join an international conference, which would be held on December 2015 (APIEMS 2015.red), as the time goes by, I was working hard to finish my abstract and full paper and struggling with some orders from professor. Eventually, I have to be grateful, because I could finish it on time, before deadline.

Not Paris is okay. Vietnam? Not bad! 😀

 A Series of Words, Send Me Overseas

“Play hard, study hard, pray harder!”, that many people said.

“Yay! Finally, I can escape from campus!”, my heart beating fast. I felt determined. I am indeed in Taiwan (overseas from my home country), but my daily life was only spent inside campus, or walking close to campus. Frankly, there’s not so much time to spent travelling around Taiwan, while I’m still have a priority to finish all the requirement as a PhD student soon. It doesn’t mean that I never go for travelling even once. I ever go travelling. But, not often. 😀 That’s why, it seems exaggerate to feel pleasure to travel to another country even for several days. But, I’m okay with it. 😀

Ready to go!

Presenting research paper in an international conference was actually not the very first time for me. To be honest, conference is one of my favorite activity as a scholar. Beside we can learn and broaden our knowledge, we also can travel (yay!) 😀 Travelling is fun, that’s why most often I did posted my travelling time in my social media, rather than post the moment I struggle with my advisor’s order(s). Actually, because the way we struggle is more likely unexplainable. Just enjoy it even though I frankly couldn’t enjoy it 100% hahaha 😀

At least, one research paper can bring me to another part of the world (even though still in Asia, I still feel grateful) 🙂 Alhamdulillaah… 

Picture with Vice President of NTUST and Department Members
We Learn, We Travel1
I had my presentation on the 3rd day

Xin chào, Vietnam!

“Xin chào, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam!! Here I am!”, I was sooooooooo excited.

I had my presentation on the 3rd day of the conference. Alhamdulillah, even though there’s some technical problem happen in mid-end of my presentation, I still could finish the presentation and answer the questions, calmly.  I have trouble in my ppt file at that time, some slide in the very last part suddenly disappeared due to different version of ppt version that I use. They only have the old version, while I used the latest version. So that, it happened. LOL 😀 But finally, 1 conference mission has been accomplished.

Now, it’s time to explore HCMC, Vietnam! Yaaahhoooo!!! 😀

Fortunately, the conference was held in the heart of Vietnam, which is Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC). This is a capital city of Vietnam, previously known as Saigon. Also, I have chosen the closest and cheapest hotel from Caravelle Hotel (the conference venue), what a lucky me! The currency is lower than Indonesia, moreover Taiwan. However, still the living cost in HCMC is quite high. One thing that I love and I couldn’t forget is about its culinary! From the very first time, until the last day in Vietnam, I never even once regret the culinary. In welcome party dinner, in the coffee break during conference,  in the gala dinner, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I felt satisfied!  😀 One of the most popular cuisine is Vietnamese Beef Noodle so called phở.  Its taste amazing! 😀 You must try it, if you have a chance to go there. 🙂

My friend and I have made a travel plan during our stay in HCMC, Vietnam. We travelled around the conference venue, of course because we didn’t want to get lost in Vietnam. LOL. The central post office, Notre Dame Cathedral, Bitexco Financial Tower (the highest tower in Vietnam), Ho Chi Minh City Hall, and many more. It is true that there were not really many to see as a tourist. I think, the most recommended place to visit is located in Northern Vietnam, called Hạ Long Bay. You can try the most famous ship of Vietnam there, and the scenery is quite good (as I see in the youtube and google, LOL). Unfortunately, we couldn’t go there because of limited budget. 😀 We need to take a flight from HCMC to Hạ Long City, of course it need more money. 😀 Back again, I am just a student, even if I want to, money can talk the reality. LOL 😀

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In Saigon, the hotel where we stay was very close  to the Saigon Central Mosque. Me and my friend also experience to pray Dhuhr, there. It is located exactly behind the Caravelle Hotel (the conference venue), and its quite beautiful mosque. No more word except grateful. I experienced travel to the most strategic place in Vietnam. It’s very tourist friendly. I had such a convenience and pleasure moments during 5 days staying in Vietnam.

Dinner Time on A Cruise 

“Really? A cruise? Where? The beach? The river?”, only remember asking many excitement questions.

Hahaha..somehow, gala dinner is very awaited for me personally. Because of having a good impression of Vietnamese culinary, I highly anticipated and excited about what to eat for dinner. Hopefully, a delicious seafood! 😀 I overexcited about it. Actually, I am sure that the foods were very delicious. However, as a Muslim, we must be careful to choose which to eat and not to eat. Unfortunately, not many foods that I could eat, because I was worried about the oil that they use. LOL Whatever, I still enjoy the gala dinner. Moreover, we had fun, and my friend win the best student paper award for the conference. 😀 Glad to hear that! 😀

Night View from Saigon River (on cruise) ❤

Don’t you ever underestimate the night view of Saigon City. The night view was very fascinating. It was not a cruise on the sea, it was only a small cruise on the riverside. But, still, it was pleasurable and very romantic. So glad, it’s free (already included in registration fee) 😀

We Learn, We Travel2

A Cup of Tea

“Cheers!”, put your hands (and glass) up.

Take a cup of warm tea, sit freely in the aisle, or on the side of your window in the corner of your room.  Look at the outside, a greeny garden. A refreshing wind is blowing. Smell the tea. Take a deep breath. Have a single sip of tea, and go back to the memory. It is beautiful memory.

We are indeed can’t go back to the exact moment that we have through, but we can recall the memory and go back through it.

Experience is life’s greatest teacher
– anonymous

The only source of knowledge is experience
– Albert Einstein

That’s why we need to learn, from experience. Better or worse, try to find the essence behind it. From the sadness, we can learn how to be happy. From the happiness, we can learn how to be grateful.

Everything in life is indeed beautiful, only if we can respond positively.
– chandrapewe

Love your life, love yourself.

Best Regards,
at 臺灣科技大學, 台北, 10:18 am ❤

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