Seasoning Fried Shrimp (Udang Goreng Bumbu)

Seasoning Fried Shrimp
Seasoning Fried Shrimp

Good Afternoon (here, Taipei 2015) 🙂

Hello there! New recipe has been released from my kitchen. 🙂 What a great menu! 😀  Actually, this menu is only one of delicious foods made by my Mom. At that time, i really want to start cooking for family with my own hands. You know, i often failed preparing food for family at home. Grateful, nowadays my skill is improved. Not much, but i’m sure it’s getting better and better. 😀

Well, skill can be improved by practice, and knowledge is nothing if you never share it to others. That’s why, i wanna share the recipe. Another delicious recipe. Hope you can successfully try this at home. Are you ready? Let’s prepare!

Choose the shrimp:

For the shrimp, you can choose medium size of tiger shrimp. In Indonesia, it usually known as udang windu or udang air tawar. Then, i prefer to clean them up by slit the back along of the shrimp, and take away the black line of its back (as i know, it was their intestine). Just to make sure that it’s clean. You can keep the shrimp head, but i prefer to dispose the head part of the shrimp, in particular, i prefer to dispose its eyes. However, if you like it, you can keep it. 🙂 Then, i also dispose their feet. I like the shrimp be clean as you can see in the picture. I keep the shell in its body to give challenge when you ready to eat them :D, if you don’t like the shell, you can peel it.

Start the seasoning, you will need these ingredients:

Refine these ingredients (you can use blender, refine it until a little bit smooth but still has a texture):

8-10 cm kunyit (seukuran 1 jari)
8-10 cm turmeric (size of 1 finger)

8-10 cm jahe (seukuran 1 jari)
8-10 cm ginger (size of 1 finger)

1~ 1.5 sdm garam (secukupnya)
1~1.5 tbspn salt (adjust to your palate)

1/2 sdm ketumbar bubuk (jika ada)
1/2 tbspn coriander powder (optional, if you don’t have it, you can just skip it)

How to cook:

  1. Haluskan bumbu-bumbu pada daftar bahan (jangan terlalu halus, masih agak kasar lebih baik)
    Refine/blend the ingredients until a little bit smooth, but still has a texture
  2. Masukkan udang windu yang sudah dibersihkan, kemudian aduk-aduk rata hingga semua bagian udang terbumbui
    Put the cleaned tiger shrimp, mix it until every body part of the shrimp well seasoned
  3. Simpan semua udang yang telah dibumbui pada suatu wadah tertutup. Simpan dalam lemari es (freezer) selama kurang lebih 2-3 jam jika ingin langsung dimasak di hari yang sama. Tapi metode ini bisa juga untuk persediaan makanan, yang mungkin disajikan di lain waktu. Selama disimpan dalam freezer udah bumbu masih aman untuk disimpan
    Store all the shrimp in a food box, then put it into the freezer for at least 2-3 hours before you fry it. You can keep the shrimp for a week as long as it freeze and fry it in the other day. 
  4. Ambil udang yang sudah didiamkan, panaskan minyak pada wajan
    Take the shrimp from freezer, heat the oil on a pan
  5. Goreng udang hingga matang (memerah, dan bagian dagingnya terlihat matang)
    Fry the shrimp until well cooked (the shrimp turn redden)
  6. Angkat dan sajikan dengan nasi hangat dan aneka sambal
    Lift and drain the shrimp. Serve with rice and sambal (chilies)

Voila! Seasoned Fried Shrimp ready to serve!
Enjoy cooking, enjoy the food!

See ya for another recipe! ^^

Bon Appetite! 😉

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