Chicken Black Pepper (Ayam Lada Hitam)

Chicken Black Pepper (Ayam Lada Hitam)
Chicken Black Pepper (Ayam Lada Hitam)

Wow! Today’s dinner was awesome. Me and my friend wanna cook something with chicken. Then, voila! Chicken black pepper! Let’s cook it! It’s simple, and no need many main ingredients. See how we made it! 🙂


1 ekor ayam bagian dada (lebih baik tanpa tulang), potong dadu atau memanjang tipis
1 chicken breast (prefer boneless ), diced or finely thin sliced

1 buah bawang bombay, iris tipis
1 pc onion, finely thin sliced

3 buah cabai merah
3 pcs chilies
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Make Up Your Dreams


“Make your dreams come true, with plan”. Even though as a human being we can only make a plan, and the decision is only in God’s hand. Still, it isn’t a crime to make a plan, expectation, dream(s). No matter what kind of obstacles stand before you, they are a part of your plan to make your dream becomes real. Continue reading “Make Up Your Dreams”

Seasoning Fried Shrimp (Udang Goreng Bumbu)

Seasoning Fried Shrimp
Seasoning Fried Shrimp

Good Afternoon (here, Taipei 2015) 🙂

Hello there! New recipe has been released from my kitchen. 🙂 What a great menu! 😀  Actually, this menu is only one of delicious foods made by my Mom. At that time, i really want to start cooking for family with my own hands. You know, i often failed preparing food for family at home. Grateful, nowadays my skill is improved. Not much, but i’m sure it’s getting better and better. 😀

Well, skill can be improved by practice, and knowledge is nothing if you never share it to others. That’s why, i wanna share the recipe. Another delicious recipe. Hope you can successfully try this at home. Are you ready? Let’s prepare!

Choose the shrimp:

For the shrimp, you can choose medium size of tiger shrimp. In Indonesia, it usually known as udang windu or udang air tawar. Continue reading “Seasoning Fried Shrimp (Udang Goreng Bumbu)”