Ice Land – Taipei Arena

Wow! Summer Vacation!

Yes, 3 weeks left i will stay in Taipei, but not for my friends. This week, three of my friends will be leaving soon. They have to back to work because they already graduated here. Just like someone who don’t have enough time to enjoy the place they visited only for a few time, we wanna spend our time together with some activities. One of them is playing ice skating. Taipei has one place named Ice Land. It is located in Taipei Arena (臺北小巨蛋). The Taipei Arena is an indoor sporting arena located in Taipei, Taiwan. Built in 2005, the large multi-purpose stadium can accommodate major international sport events such as ice skating, ice hockey, and so on (visit wikipedia).

Taipei Arena
The Taipei Arena

Yahoooo! Arrived at Taipei Arena, we directly headed to the Ice Land for reservation. Because it’s summer vacation, we don’t have student discount. Thus, the price for skating ticket NT$ 190/ person and the skates itself NT$ 80/person. However, you need to pay additional charge for full equipments (NT$ 50/person) or the equipment that you need only (NT$ 20/equipment/person). The price is not including the gloves. You need to bring gloves if you have, if not you can buy gloves there for only NT$ 20 each. Total you will pay around NT$ 340/person. It’s quite expensive, but if you are student and it’s not winter or summer vacation, you only need to pay a half of that price, with full equipments are included. 😀

It’s not easy to play ice skating. Too slippery. However, i’m sure if you have experienced playing roller blade, you will successfully playing ice skating. Just need a little time to get used to it. I’m also not that great in skating, but at least you can move and skate bravely, slow is okay. Fall is fun. Cold! 😀

measure the size of your skates
find the most comfortable size for playing

I have several tips for you who wants to play ice skating at Taipei Arena.

  1. Once you measured your feet size, then ask for more or less 2 number larger for your skates. It will prevent you from any inconvenience or injury during skating. Skating will be very tiring for the first try. If you choose wrong size of skates, you will not enjoy the game. 😉 make sure your skate is comfortable for you after wearing it around 15-30 minutes of playing.
  2. Don’t forget to bring a pair of thick shocks before wearing your skates. It will protect you from the sweat inside the skate, and also will make your feet warmer. It’s a must, because sometimes you may get uncomfortable skates which will hurt your feet so much.
  3. Put on your knee and elbow pad firstly rather than wear your skates first. 😀 Make sure you use all the equipments completely in your body (knee pad, elbow pad, wrist pad, and helmet).
  4. Once you feel pain in your feet during skating. Don’t push yourself too much to continue playing. Take a rest for a while, or change the size of your skates into the bigger one.
  5. Be careful with the ice flowers. It makes the land more rough and no more slippery. sometimes, you can get fall because of it. The best land is the slippery one. :p
  6. Don’t always hold onto the wall. It won’t make you used to the slippery land. It also won’t make you enjoy the skating. Try once in a time to release your hands from the wall. You will feel it. You will find your own way to walk in the ice. 😀
  7. Enjoy your time!

hahaha 😀 tips! I act like  an expert! No, i am not. However, it’s based on my personal experience. It’s okay if you have the better way. 🙂 I just give you some experience, so your feet or leg will have less pain than mine. hehe







It’s fun yet tiring! 😀 However, for experience, it’s worth it. 🙂

Enjoy your summer vacation! Cheers!

Best Regards,

chandrapewe who is sitting in her desk in the lab. alone. 🙂

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